Located in the upscale neighborhood of North Scottsdale, just steps away from Scottsdale Quarter, Dre’s Hair Salon & Spa encompasses 6000sf of unparalleled luxury. With an edgy, contemporary feel, accents of vibrant colors, bold textures, and custom interiors, Dre’s unique design creates the ultimate beauty destination.

The exclusive, elite atmosphere only begins with the design. The attentive individualized customer service and exceptional work is what sets Dre’s Hair Salon & Spa apart.

Our highly trained and talented styling team includes artists with extensive experience in all aspects of the industry. All services begin with a personalized consultation with one of our artists.

The visionary behind Dre’s Hair Salon & Spa is master stylist, Andre Aronica. With over 25 years of experience behind the chair and a portfolio backed by numerous celebrity clientele, Andre’s need to be on the cutting edge has driven Dre’s to be one of the industry leaders.


Long, Short, White or Gray.  Chances are you have had a haircut at one point in your life that ages you.  Take a look at our News Segment and learn how to improve your look!