Hair Extensions

If anyone says you have too much hair, get rid of them, you do not need that kind of negativity in your life

Do you ever wish that your hair was longer or fuller? Does your hair get to a certain length and seems as if it stops growing? If so, hair extensions could be the answer! Today, a girl needs more than just volumizing products and a teasing comb to get fuller hair! Wearing extensions isn't just for movie stars, they're for everyday gals that want to add volume or length. You can get beautiful highlights, added body or go for the glamour and have long luxurious hair-all in a few hours!



Long, Short, Dark, Light or Gray. Chances are at some point in time we have all had a hairstyle that’s aged us. Take a look at our news segment and learn how to improve your look!

You’ll leave our salon feeling invigorated and irresistible!

Please feel free to drop into our salon for a complimentary hair consultation and to enjoy our coffee bar. Dre’s warm, friendly atmosphere is welcoming to everyone; it’s the ideal place to relax and pamper yourself.