Brow, Lash Lift & Tint

I got 99 problems, but my lashes aint one

Lash Tinting from Dre's Salon in Scottsdale can color light or pale lashes a dark shade of brown or blue-black. Our safe, long lasting vegetable based dyes will make your eyes come alive so you need less mascara and your lash line is more dramatic.



Long, Short, Dark, Light or Gray. Chances are at some point in time we have all had a hairstyle that’s aged us. Take a look at our news segment and learn how to improve your look!

You’ll leave our salon feeling invigorated and irresistible!

Please feel free to drop into our salon for a complimentary hair consultation and to enjoy our coffee bar. Dre’s warm, friendly atmosphere is welcoming to everyone; it’s the ideal place to relax and pamper yourself.